Is Cricket Creek a licensed company?
Yes we are licensed in Delaware. In fact, since the company’s start we have had zero complaints of any kind filed against us for anything. That means you can expect to have a problem free, fun renovation experience.

Is Cricket Creek an Eco-friendly company?
Yes. It starts with the design phase of your renovation. We start with energy efficient products like appliances, lights and insulation. Whenever possible we locally or regionally source these products. Next, these products are installed using the best practices and procedures to maximize efficiencies. Finally, the items that are removed during the renovation are recycled and denoted to places like Restore where they are reused.

Is Cricket Creek certified by the EPA concerning lead paint?
Yes, we are a EPA Certified ( #R-I-18343-10-02579) Renovation Company. We are properly trained so we can correctly detect and remove lead contaminated paint from your home during your renovation to protect you and your family from lead paint poisoning.

Is Cricket Creek insured?
Yes, Cricket Creek is Bonded and Insured to the levels required to protect you in the case of any unforeseen, unplanned incidents. Detailed policy information is available upon request.

Where did the name Cricket Creek come from?
Cricket Creek is an actual Creek very near to where the office started in Maryland. It is a beautiful, winding Creek with large creek stones and large overhanging trees that turns into the Middle Patuxent River, that turns into the Patuxent River that flows into the Chesapeake Bay.

What cabinets do you sell?
We are an Independent, Objective, Referral based company that does not push a particular product. Instead, we focus on the needs and wants of the homeowner and help them find the right product that is the best fit for them.

Does Cricket Creek use subcontractors?
Bill, the owner of Cricket Creek is onsite for every renovation to either supervise or perform the renovations for you. In addition, the company uses various subcontractors for different parts of your renovation. Each of these subcontractors has been utilized by Cricket Creek for over ten years. They represent the best available craftsman in their respective fields. This provides the homeowner with the best possible quality renovation that will provide years of improvement and joy in their lives.